This group is helping professional women, like you who are struggling with their emotional wellbeing.

To feel unstuck, to reconnect and realign with your mind, body and soul so you get clear on what you really want out of life.

Tichea Brade (Empowerment Coach) helps you create a life you love one beautiful step at a time.

This group is for our tribe (community).

Let’s nourish (Synonyms of nourish advance, cultivate, encourage, forward, foster, further, incubate, nurse, nurture, promote. Words Related to nourish. Advocate, back, champion, endorse, support, uphold) each other to create a life we love.

Please share what opportunities you have created in your life toward your goals.

How you feel about stepping up.

If you need any support.

If you have opportunities for other members.

Let’s be accountable to each other.

Let’s do this.

The time is now

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