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I empower professional women in their 30’s-40’s to get unstuck, discover what they really want and create a life they love.

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My dad left and moved to the states when I was six, leaving my mum as a single parent. 

We all tried to have long-distance relationships as best we could, but it didn’t work out how I would have hoped. I found out from my auntie that my Dad has been having an affair and I had a brother that I didn’t know about… 

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Tichea is the most beautiful person. She inspires and encourages without the need to push or shame. She shares her own story, where she has grown as a person and leader, to help others to do the same in their own way. Tichea recently gave me the opportunity to speak at one of her day events; We created our life, where everyone involved and attending was shown nothing but support and generosity of spirit from her. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and valued my time to speak. I look forward to working with her again in the future.'
Katherine Deamer